ANTI Superbowl at the Starlite!

Did all your favorite teams get eliminated in the playoffs this year?
Do you just not care anymore who wins?
Or do you want to watch just to route AGAINST a team?
We are right there with you!
Come to our ANTI-SUPERBOWL party at the Starlite!
Sure, we’ll open early and have the game on for kick-off at 3pm, because…
We like to gamble and want to play the Starlite Superbowl Pool (we’ll have the squares available Thursday, Friday and Saturday so you can fill them out in advance)!
We want to watch Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show to see if there will be any wardrobe malfunctions!
We want to rate the Superbowl Commercials!
Plus we always have the best food and wine in town (and beer, too), so we’ll be sure to have some special Superbowl Snacks for you to nosh!
We’ll see YOU at the Starlite for ANTI-Superbowl Antics!