Kernville Rocks The Holidays!

COME JOIN US as we host our Kernville Rocks Holiday Painting Party at the Starlite on Sunday, November 25.  This won’t be just ANY painting party, oh no. It’s all about spreading the Holiday Spirit to folks all around the Kern River Valley with ROCKS! We’ll provide the painting supplies, and you bring your very own rock(s) to channel your inner Bob Ross. 

Or for fun, put on a brown fro wig and channel your outer Bob Ross as well! Just $10/person, and FREE if you eat/drink (and be merry)! 🙂

Then you can go to the Kernville Rocks Facebook page and start posting your finds.

What IS Kernville Rocks, anyway?

We discovered the joy of rocks from our friend, Robin Harmon, who found Bullhead City Rocks in Arizona. She thought it sounded like something that was right up our alley, and she was right! After some research, we found there’s a whole painted rock movement that (we think) started in Port Angeles, Washington and it has spread up and down the West Coast and across the nation! Here’s more on the movement….

Happiness comes when you find yourself, when you find money, when you find your soul mate or perhaps when you find religion. Heck, even finding a parking space can bring unbridled joy.
But finding a rock? How’s that going to make you happy?

Well, it takes a little effort. First, someone has to paint the rocks. Sometimes just bright colors, sometimes gorgeous scenes that look like they belong on canvas in a gallery. Sometimes it’s a cartoon character or a word of inspiration. Hope. Love. Yes, there’s love on the rocks. And it ain’t no big surprise that we love this idea. On the back of each rock, you paint a simple message. “Find us on Facebook. Kernville Rocks! Post your pic and keep or re-hide me! Join us! And have fun.”
Next, someone has to “hide” it where someone else can find it. And by hide we mean put it somewhere where you’ll see it, but don’t expect it. A park bench. A store shelf. The planter outside your local library.
It’s kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, except they’re not eggs, and you don’t really hunt for the rocks. You just come upon them like a little piece of serendipity.