Classic Movie Showcase Friday!

If you’ve been to the Lounge, you know we love our classic TV shows – they’re up and running on the Lounge TV daily.

But what about those Cinematic Darlings Of Yesteryear?

Never Fear, Starlite Lounge Is Here!

Every Friday evening from 4:30 – 6:30pm we turn the Starlite into your own semi-private Movie Lounge!

Complete with house-made tapas treats from our “snack bar,” along with our weekly specials and regular menu items.

And of course, our wonderful Central Coast Wines, Craft Beers, and Sodas to add to your viewing experience.

So come on down, set a spell, nosh, drink and enjoy and…

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Our Friday Movie Night is also the perfect time to come and do the Classic Dinner & A Movie with your sweetie. You are welcome to skip the movie and come for your romantically-lit dinner from 6:30pm on, and if you’d like to view our Classic Movie Showcase first, come at 4:30pm and watch the show before getting your grub on!  In that case, you could say it’s a Classic Movie and A Dinner, but let’s not quibble.

And did you know that we offer a special Friday Night Senior Menu?

That’s right, for just $10 Seniors can enjoy Dinner AND a Show!

In JULY, We Flashback to Disney Movies from the the 1960’s and 70’s!


July 6 – “The Love Bug” (1968)


One of the most successful Disney productions ever, this was the first in the series of films that starred Herbie, a cute little Volkswagen with a mind of its own. In this installment, unsuccessful race car driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) rescues Herbie from Thorndyke (David Tomlinson), a slick driver who mistreats the little car. The car takes to Jim and begins winning races for him without the man behind the steering wheel ever realizing Herbie’s special attributes. Thorndyke becomes jealous of Jim’s success and continually tries to buy Herbie back. No way. The entire cast give standout performances, but Herbie steals the show in this well-directed (by Disney standby, Robert Stevenson – ed. note), funny picture.  – TV Guide

For sheer inventiveness of situation and the charm that such an idea projects, The Love Bug rates as one of the better entries of the Disney organization. – Variety

Easily the best Herbie flick and one of the best live action Disney films. Great effects, nice acting, Disney pro Dean Jones again with brilliant back up from another Disney pro Tomlinson and a cute story. I loved this as a kid and still do, the final long race is also quite exciting and good fun. – Phil Hubbs

July 13 – “That Darn Cat” (1965)

This entertaining Disney picture details the exploits of D.C., a Siamese cat owned by Patti and Ingrid Randall (Hayley Mills and Dorothy Provine). One night D.C. follows a pair of bank robbers to the apartment where they are holding a bank teller (Grayson Hall) prisoner. The robbers let the mischievous feline in long enough for the teller to scratch “Hel” (she doesn’t have time to add the “p”) on the back of her watch and attach it to the cat’s collar. Patti finds the message and brings it to Zeke Kelso (Dean Jones), an FBI agent who, despite being allergic to cats, decides to follow the animal to the robbers. After running into a series of funny slapstick situations while trailing D.C. on its nocturnal wanderings, Zeke brings the crooks to justice. Silly, fun stuff, with a good supporting cast that includes Elsa Lanchester, William Demarest, and Roddy McDowall as nosy neighbors; Ed Wynn as a helpful jeweler; and Neville Brand and Frank Gorshin as the robbers. – TV Guide

Classic Disney Live-Action comedy thriller with Hayley Mills and her mischevious, going up against bank robbers and kidnappers. It’s a hip groovy good time, which reflects the 60’s well. Cat-lovers will adore it. -Lafe Fredbjornson

Once again, Walt Disney Studios turned to their dependable slate of talent, including stars Dean Jones and Haley Mills, co-screenwriter Bill Walsh (who also had a hand in The Love Bug) and director Robert Stevenson for this live-action family comedy classic.

July 20 – “The Absent-Minded Professor” (1961)

Fred MacMurray stars in this Walt Disney comedy hit concerning absent-minded professor Ned Brainard (MacMurray), a science teacher at a small-town college, who is so scatterbrained that he has forgotten to show up at his own wedding. Missing his wedding ceremony twice, he is determined not to do it again. But, when he gets involved in some chemical experiments, he leaves he poor bride-to-be Betsy (Nancy Olsen) stranded at the altar again. Although his weddings plans are not successful, his experiments are –he develops a black and rubbery substance that bounces very high and seems to defy gravity. He calls it “flubber.” When he substitutes the formula for the motor in his old Model T Ford, he can fly through the sky in his car. Continuing on with practical uses for the substance, he applies it to the college basketball team’s sneakers, permitting them to rocket over the heads of the opposing team and win an easy victory. But when word of Brainard’s discovery comes to the attention of nefarious alumnus Alonzo Hawk (Keenan Wynn), Hawk plans to steal Barinard’s car and his formula.

This is a zanily inventive piece of work, with delightful special effects, which set the style for a long series of live-action Disney films. It earned Oscar nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Special Effects. – TV Guide

Flubber provides fuel for a very funny piece of hyperbolic humor in the grand American tradition of Paul Bunyan, and Director Robert Stevenson and Scriptwriter Bill Walsh get plenty of bounce out of every ounce. -Time Magazine

Did You Know…? 

It was the first of several films made by Disney using the setting of fictional Medfield College, also used in its sequel Son of Flubber, as well as the Kurt Russell “Dexter Riley” favorites The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, and The Strongest Man In The World.

July 27 –  “The Apple Dumpling Gang” (1975)

The Apple Dumpling Gang stars Bill Bixby as Russell Donovan, a slick frontier gambler. In Runyon-esque fashion, he is compelled to look after three precocious oprhaned kids. He can’t handle the responsibilities alone, so he agrees to an in-name-only marriage to hoydenish stagecoach driver, Magnolia Dusty Clydesdale (Susan Clark). Fortuitously, they discover that a mine belonging to the kids’ late father is worth millions. This brings several disreputable characters into the storyline: bumbling “nice” bandits Theodore Ogelvie and Amos (Don Knotts and Tim Conway), and deadly “bad” bandits headed by Frank Stillwell (Slim Pickens). Based on a novel by Jack M. Bickham, The Apple Dumpling Gang was successful enough to spawn a sequel-not to mention several future screen teamings for Don Knotts and Tim Conway.

The story is simple and obvious, but it’s told with a lot of energy, and the cast is jammed, with character actors doing their things. When you have Slim Pickens, Harry (Dragnet) Morgan, John McGiver, Don Knotts and Tim Conway on the screen all at once, there’s always something to look at, even if it’s only the crowd of them perfecting their shtick. – Roger Ebert

One of the best Disney movies of the decade. It’s more of a family movie than just a kids movie. I especially loved Bixby in this movie, he’s cute. This movie is fun, humourous, and exciting too, kids and adults will enjoy it. – Aj V


And coming up in August, we’ll bring you Music and Mayhem!